This is a page I made for my hardware sequencer project.

I did start this project when I was going back to school, however, working full time (60 hr night-shift weeks every other week) and school pretty much delayed my project. I wanted a 16-step MIDI to MIDI/Analog sequencer that had the following features:

Cherry MX Red key switches, a character LCD, 16 knobs to assign to CV/Gate, 6 function buttons, a rotary encoder, and MIDI In/Out/Through with also trigger outputs and MIDI out for a drum controller.

Yes, there are sequencers out there that do about as much, but I'm not a fan of rubberized buttons or super tactile keys or a weird workflow; I wanted something that felt intuitive and felt fun to play on. So I'm making my own and will be happy once I can showcase it. Stay tuned. Pun intended. In the meantime, check out my slideshow.

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My Orignal Concept And Drawing
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Started Prototyping On Stripboard PCB
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Aligning All The Cherry MX-Red Switches
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Temporarily Hot Glue-Gunned Switches In Place Until I Soldered Them
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Designed The Front Panel And Got It Professionally Made
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Initial Prototype On Breadboard Using An Atmega32 Microcontroller
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Installing Components After Fitting The Front Panel
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Designing The Main Circuit And MIDI Circuit Boards
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Got The Circuit Boards Professionally Made By ExpressPCB
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Some Assembly With My Little Helper, Smokie
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I Figure Why Not Sign The Canvas
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Boards Mostly Assembled
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DSQ Stands For Digital Sequencer
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Now More Programming And Case Design