About Me:

My name is Marco Garza and I started Picotek in 2001 in San Marcos, Texas. I am a currently working as a Test Engineer at Vitesco Technologies in Seguin, TX. I also specialize in audio instrument repair, modifications, and prototypes. I made this website mostly to showcase and document some of my DIY electronic projects.

While I have lived in San Marcos since 1991 (minus two years living in Austin), I moved out of San Marcos in 2021 and I'm currently living in New Braunfels, TX. I'm completing a hardware MIDI to Analog/MIDI sequencer that can be detailed in my Design page. I am hoping to finish that project this December of 2022 or shortly afterward.

So the mouse logo?

Why not the mouse. The Picotek mouse logo is a design of Dennis Hodges who I worked with in the Red 10 Studio. It was an art cooperative which, at the time, was inhabited by artists: Brandon Petree, Justin Graham, Dennis Hodges and myself. There were also other artists renting space in there as well. The mouse design came from a painting Dennis made for me, it can be seen on the Mouse's shirt. Let's face it, mice wear cool clothes.

I did not go to school for art as did my other warehouse friends; I went to school for a Mathematics degree and graduated in fall of 2002 from Texas State University (at the time it was Southwest Texas State University). I went back to school for my Electrical Engineering degree from 2013 to 2018.