Dynamic Dilution Calibration System


Yeah, I know this is the same picture as my 4x40 LCD project (which I'm planning on using for this), but it's the only picture really that I really have right now without finding a scanner and scanning pictures from 2003. This is a project I've been working on for several years. It's a gas dilution calibrator used in order to dilute a higher concentration gas with a dilution gas (either Nitrogen or balanced air) to a lower concentration using two or more mass flow controllers (MFCs). I was lucky to work with Cubix Corporation/TRC to get an allowence to buy two brand new Omega MFCs to make a manually operated gas dilution system intended to satisfy the criteria for EPA Method 205A. I made an Excel spreadsheet to enter in all the data and after it worked I decided to make a more embedded design to control it. I'm thinking of using the PIC18F4550 for the controller since I have a development board for it. Well, maybe if I get a big surplus of funds to buy some good MFCs (about $1400 for a pair) then maybe I'll test my latest code attempt I've written in Dev C++. This is a view of the attempt I made using a 4x40 character LCD display. You can read more about it on my 4x40 LCD project page

MFC Project

I know this is another image on my Gallery page, but the two kind of overlap. I still actually want to experiment with gas analyzers and gas dilution hardware and software. Maybe this will motivate me to make a separate laboratory elsewhere from my house. This is, no doubt, an expensive hobby and at the moment I just don't have a space for it. Yet.