Everyday is Halloween

...and Souxzie has been a really big part of it.

As a joke, my former neighbor left a lower part of a maniquin leaning on my front door in the hopes I would open my door and would fall on me. Well, she didn't realize I wasn't home and when I saw it almost immediately thought it would make an ideal halloween prop (deeply inspired by Herbie Handcock's Rockit video from the 1980s) for "haunted bathroom", a collaboration I've done with Sean Hayden for the the H# series the past several years.


Not too much going on here. Most all the parts were recycled aluminum, used microwave platter motor, leftover polycarbonate, and my lovely Roland MS-1 digital sampler. I think all I really bought was some hardware, a saw, and drawer rail.

And so I spent a couple of days cutting metal and putting her together. The TV monitor came later playing some clips of stuff put together by Sean. And in the end, it was all in the spirit of good Halloween fun.