TB-3030 Synthesizer


This is a DIY Roland TB-303 analog synthesizer replica designed by Tony Allgood from Oakley Sound Systems.  I had ordered the circuit board from him almost about 2002/2003.  Because the circuit was really true to the original design with most all parts being availble exclusively in the UK, mine had to be compromised with semiconductors and components found locally.  So I had to use some NTE cross-reference parts. 

Well, I was really suprised when I first tested it.  It works awesome and I love the fact that it's much like a replica mutt.  Also, all the metal is recycled from Green Guy Recycling.  I'm currently using a FutureRetro Mobius to control it, but I'm limited in using the accent and/or slide parameters but not both, however, the FutureRetro has its own portamento control.  So right now I'm in the process of making a MidiBox Sequencer to control all functions.  Either way it sounds great, and especially since I'm running it through a Rocktron Gainiac tube overdrive.  Most pictures I have on the construction of this project were taken years ago on 35mm film, so pictures and audio samples are on the way soon.

Also, this project has kind of changed since I originally made it. I decided on not doing a tabletop version of the enclosure and decided on making this a 1U 19" rackmount version. I mostly have it completed, but have not powered it up and tested it. Images and samples of the sound will be available soon.